Master Feed Standard forces reproduction

The herd at Preben Høj is not quite typical, as it has been pestered by “accidents” for a long time.

For the last 5 to 10 years, the diagnosis of certain problems in cattle has been characterised by confusion and disagreement between “experts”. Discussions started with toxins, then mycoplasma and later on with chronic botulism. In fact, Preben Høj Pedersen has had all the diagnoses.

Started in to use Silo Star TMR from Schaumann in the beginning of February 2012 with good effect on the diagnosis of chronic botulism.

Used 150 grams of Silo Star for three weeks, after which they herd had its first vaccination with Covetin against chronic botulism. After 2 weeks, the second vaccination against botulism was given. During this period, the amount of Silo Star should have been reduced to 75 grams, but Preben Høj’s experience was that it would not have (enough) effect.

After some time, and on a proposal from the veterinarian Ms Maria Skou from the Landbrugets Veterinære Konsulenttjeneste (Agricultural Veterinary Consultancy Service), he tried with FIR, which is a product with/from activated carbon. However, he used FIR only for two weeks, as he felt it had at best no effect.

MasterFeed was delivered to him August 3, 2012, and he has used it since with 125 grams / cow / day.

He is positive about the product because he believes the reproduction is more under control = Many animals on heat, regularly on heat, where previously many animals had a deviant cycle.

The milk yield remains unchanged, but he believes the health in his herd has improved with MasterFeed, reflected in a low medication use. He said he wanted a new delivery.