MasterFeed Poultry


Mineral feed supplement for use in broiler production

MasterFeed Poultry is the new generation of feed supplement, based on natural minerals and carefully selected enzymes.

The natural minerals consist mainly of clay minerals. This material was formed millions of years ago and derives from the lava in the many volcanic eruptions that took place in many parts of Europe. Some of these lava eruptions were covered by salt water immediately after the outbreak, and over time, the combination of clay minerals and salt water formed a unique material with a very large surface area and a natural ion exchange capacity.

In other connexions, the material is used in treatment and filtration of water, where it binds various unwanted components. The same effect may occur in the feed.

The ability to bind positively charged particles is used in the development of the MasterFeed Poultry, which is a feed supplement, which for several years has been tested and used by chicken breeders with own mixing station.

The results were as follows:

  • Generally better well-being
  • More uniform chicken
  • Improved feed conversion = reduction in feed costs
  • Better digestion
  • Better ammonia binding
  • Higher average weight
  • Lower mortality

Particularly suitable to supplement feed rations with a high content of non-starchy polysaccharides, e.g. feed containing more than 40 % corn.

MasterFeed Pig is recommended to be approx. 0.3 % of the finished feedstuff.

Available in 25 kg bags

Price and delivery terms:
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