MasterFeed Pig binds unwanted components


Piglets are vulnerable during ablactation – but a farmer from West-Jutland has obtained fine results with a new animal feed resulting in far better piglet health.

In 2011, farmer Jesper Lousdal (38 years) harvested as much as 10 tons of grain per hectare. He also managed to bring in the entire harvest. But there was a problem. Due to the big summer rainfall, the grain was full of toxins. That was the main reason why he – as an experiment – used MasterFeed Pig. In fact, an experiment that has shown that the ablactation of the piglets is now much less problematic than before.

– The harvest yield was very good as to the quantity. Nevertheless, what is the use of that when much of the grain was harvested wet and knocked over? Not even putting it into the gas-proof grain silo helped a lot. We discussed the problem intensely in the experience group for pig breeders of which I am a member. It was in this forum I became acquainted with MasterFeed Pig, says Jesper Lousdal, who following this had the opportunity of participating in a test of the new feed grain additive.

The problem with toxins/fungi in feed grain is that generally it means that piglets misthrive during ablactation. It may be reduced body weight gain, sickness in general and at the worst mortality.

– We started using the feed grain additive in August/September 2011 after the poor harvest. It can be difficult to estimate the exact value of the preparation. However, I am sure that had we not used MasterFeed Pig, our pig production would have decreased. After the test period, I have continued using the feed grain additive and have experienced a very low mortality rate among the piglets. The mere fact that the piglets from the ablactation and up to 15 kg are in much better health, makes everyday life easier, says Jesper Lousdal.

Normally, Jesper Lousdal is against adding many different ingredients to the feed grain – and against medicine in his livestock in general. He uses absolutely just a minimum of those things. However, MasterFeed Pig is a natural product, and he has no hesitations in that field.

In his entire adult life, Jesper Lousdal has worked with pigs. For many years at a large pig breeder in Brørup, but six years ago, he bought the 70-hectare farm in Hurup. At that time, there were 200 sows there. Since then the environmental permit has been increased and now allows 900 sows and 29,000 piglets. The pigs are sold at the weight of 30 kilos to one single buyer. Jesper Lousdal’s latest extension was sixty new farrowing pens.